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Welcome to Samana Wellness!

Samana Wellness was founded in an effort to bring alternative healing methods, and more importantly, preventative health services to the greater Milwaukee area. With many years of yoga and healing experience, the Samana Wellness Practitioners have teamed their skills, creating a sacred space for Reiki, Yoga, Thai Massage and other alternative healing services.

Samana is one of the five types of vital energies [or pranas] in our bodies. The word sam means 'equal' or 'same' and thus samana is sometimes referred to as the equalizing breath. The name Samana was chosen for equality and all that it stands for. At Samana, we offer healing services for all those looking to live a more healthy and balanced life.

Om shanti shanti shanti

News & Events

Thai Massage Class for Couples & Close Friends!
Learn how to give each other the gift of relaxation and massage!

Upcoming Classes
June 21&22, July 5,6,19,20 Aug 2,3,15,16 from 2:30-4:30pm

$40/person in advance $50 at the door
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June 21&22, July 5,6,19,20 Aug 2,3,15,16 from 1-2pm

Gong Meditation-$10
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Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are now available! Give that lucky someone a real treat for the holidays this year. Perfect for friends, family and clients...and a great way to say "thanks" to the important people in your life.